Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe BIOS with updated SATA

I'm hosting the Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe 1013 BIOS with added v4.2.83 Sil3112 (SATA) BIOS.

What's that?

It's an improved and updated BIOS for Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboards. Lastest BIOS released by Asus (published in 2004/11/19, I'm writing this on October 2008) has problems with big SATA hard drives (>250GB) and multiple drives.

I discovered that when I bought my new (old now) SATA HD: one Seagate 7200.10 with 320GB; I previosly had another Seagate SATA HD (7200.7 200GB) which worked flawlessly. With the new big harddrive these symptoms appeared:

  • Windows would take ages to boot (10 seconds halt, 2 seconds running, 10 seconds halt...) and was not able to access the new hard disk.
  • Linux (Ubuntu Dapper) would boot fine, but it was not able to access the hard disk at all.
  • With just one SATA disks attached Linux and Windows would work flawlessly, with both plugged in it was a no-no.

Silicon Image had already released an update for its SiI3112 controller BIOS, but Asus didn't release updates any more... So I had to do the job and create a self-made BIOS with updated SATA controllers.

About the BIOS

Über bios are based on Demoulous' "Uber Bios 1013 for A7N8X-E Deluxe SATA Enhanced" but adding the new SATA BIOS (v4.2.50 on lastest Demolous modded bios I could found at 17-02-07, v4.2.83 on my modded BIOS).

Trats bios are based on Trats 1T/2T bios adding the new SATA BIOS (v4.2.79 on lastest Trats I could found, v4.2.83 on my modded BIOS). Both CPC on (1T) and CPC off (2T) versions are included on the same package.

I’m offering these Bios to anybody on my situation that does not want (or fears) to mess with the Bios modules and CBRom. Both BIOS versions (v4.2.79 SATA and v4.2.83 SATA ones) have been tested on my computer. If you want, you can read more on nForcersHQ Forum.

Do-it-yourself guide

Somebody (xxsawer at nForcersHQ) asked me long ago for a way to build his own BIOS with updated modules.

The truth is that the motherboard BIOS (the chipset bios) is made from a base BIOS 'basic input output system' plus some 'pluggable' modules (just like an operating system has programs).

The SATA Controller BIOS is just one of those module. You can detach such module from a BIOS ROM file, attach a new (updated) one, and then flash your motherboard with your 'improved' BIOS.

You can use a program like CBROM for editing the BIOS ROM file modules.
It's a command-line tool, so you should download your motherboard bios (ex. C18E13US.BIN) and the new sata bios (ex. 4284.bin) files to the same folder and do something like this from a command line:

(0. CD C:\cbrom-folder (or whatever folder you used))

  1. CBROM606 C18E13US.BIN /pci release
    This will show you the modules inside the BIOS, so you can select which one you want release. It may show you a line like "PCI ROM - - - [ B] 4250.bin" (being 4.2.50 the SATA BIOS version on that ROM file). You'll have to chose "A", "B" or "C", whatever it shows in that line (B in this case)
  2. CBROM606 C18E13US.BIN /pci 4284.bin
    This will insert the new SATA rom file (ex. 4284.bin) on your motherboard bios file (ex. C18E13US.BIN)
  3. CBROM606 C18E13US.BIN /d
    This will display all the modules inside the BIOS, so you can check if the module you just inserted is really there.
  4. Flash your motherboard with your new BIOS

Anyway, before doing anything dangerous, I would advice you to take a look at nForcersHQ Forum and search for CBROM :)


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